Paper Towns

John Green
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Aug 20, 2023

Quentin and his next-door neighbor, Margo, grew up together. Even though they spent their childhood together, they grew apart. That's because Margo stayed an unencumbered force, and Quentin did not. One strange night, she shows up at his house, pulls him into her whirlwind ride to get revenge, and she shows him what a strength it is to be free. She's not perfect though, and soon after their daring night, she's back out of his life. Back into her world of popularity and fun. Soon after, she truly disappears and leaves a paper trail for Quentin to follow. This time, he doesn't let her go and looks for her as long as he's able to.

This book was another beautiful John Green love story. I enjoyed reading about the wonders that Margo introduced Quentin to, and the ending was satisfying as much as it was sad.

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