Out of my Mind

Out of my Mind
Sharon M. Draper
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Feb 12, 2024

Summary: Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper follows the story of an eleven year old girl, Melody, who struggles with cerebral palsy. After not being able to express herself her whole life, she is finally given the chance to speak and show her talents. Melody is the smartest in her class, with a photographic memory. Though not everyone is ready for her. Battling with the struggles of middle school and her new way of communicating, she is forced into a whole new battle. She is quickly sought after by her teacher who coaches the Whiz Kids team, a team who competes in academic competitions. Her teammates take longer to adjust to Melody, and learn through multiple mistakes that Melody is an important factor in the road to winning. As her team continues to thrive, Melody begins to get more attention from her brains and impressive life story. Each competition creates more accommodations for her, making it even easier for her to win and get her team to nationals. However, not all of her teammates are too fond of the new spotlight put on Melody. Her teammates revert to old bullying tricks and isolation to try and get Melody to quit, however Melody is strong willed and does not give in. She works hard to prove how important she is to the team. Though her efforts are not proven to be enough, when her team leaves without her for the Championship in DC. When her team comes back with the second place trophy they all realize how much they needed Melody. After many apologies, Melody forgives her team and learns how special it is to be accepted by her teammates who she can now call her friends.

Opinion: I loved this book, though it brought me to tears having to see the struggle of the main character, it made me appreciate life so much more! There were so many ups and downs, and I felt each one. However, the book ended on a high, which made every low I had to feel worth it!

Rate this book—5 Hard to imagine a better book

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