Our Way Back to Always

Our Way Back to Always by Nina Moreno
Nina Moreno
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Nov 3, 2021

Luisa and Sam have been inseparable friends up until middle school. 4 years later, they live totally separate lives: Lou is introverted, and Sam is popular. Lou is set on getting accepted to major colleges, but when she finds an old bucket list that they both made together, they set off on a mission to complete the tasks. Will they complete the bucket list? Will they find romance? Read more to find out!

This book is perfect choice for those who love cheesy teen romance. This main character of this book is Latina, so there is quite a bit of representation for the Latinx community in the story. Although this book is a nice read, it has strong themes of grief and finding second chances. Since the cover of the book is colorful, it really entices people to read the book. I really enjoyed this book and I recommend this book to those who like teen romance and heartwarming stories.

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Marium K.

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