Orbiting Jupiter

Gary Schmidt
Aug 18, 2016

Jack Hurd lives with his parents on a small farm in Maine. One day in the winter of his 6th grade year, Joseph Brooks comes to live with them as a foster child. Joseph has been in trouble and spent time in a boy's group home, a juvenile detention center, and most recently a high security juvenile prison after allegedly trying to kill a teacher. He is only 14, but is the father of a newborn baby girl. He has never seen his daughter, but loves her and her mother dearly. He wants nothing more than to be a part of their lives. The adults in his life are making that impossible at this point and Joseph is rebelling.

This is the most beautifully written book I have read in a long time. Told from the viewpoint of the 6th grade foster brother Jack, it is sparse in its writing, yet incredibly rich in the emotion it evokes. Highly recommended!

Written by Peggy H.

I jumped out of an airplane by choice!

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