The Only Thing to Fear

Caroline Tung Richmond
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Mar 26, 2015

Eighty years after German super-soldiers crushed the Allied forces in World War II, Zara works as a maid at a Nazi cadet academy in the Easter American Territories. Zara can't escape the Nazi's constant obsession with the Aryan ideal, with a Japanese father and American mother she doesn't fit in with the occupying forces. Although she can't hide her lineage she can hide another genetic gift from her father, the ability to control wind. If the Fuhrer knew about her ability, she would be eradicated. 

Hiding in the shadows, Zara longs to join the Resistance, and push the Nazis out of her country. Her mother died for the Resistance's cause, and her over-protective uncle thwarts her attempts to get involved. What another uprising goes amiss, Zara and her abilities are the only weapon the Resistance can rely on. Zara goes from being kept on the outside, to being the center of a plot to assassinate the Fuhrer. 

This was an interesting and unique take on the dystopian trend. I found the plot refreshing, and I loved the fake history of how the Axis Powers won the war, spitting America between Nazi and Japanese control. Some might find Zara's special powers distracting, but the author does a good job of weaving them into the story and making them feel natural (at least as natural as controlling the wind can feel). Anyone looking for a fast, action-packed read will enjoy this story with equal dashes of mystery, intrigue, heroism and romance.

Reviewed by Kate M.
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