One of Us Is Lying

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus
Karen McManus
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Aug 20, 2023

Five teenagers all end up in detention for the same reason- having their phones in class. Yet, all teenagers claim the phones were planted. A very uneventful detention becomes life changing when only four of them make it out of that classroom. The athlete (Cooper), the beauty (Addy), the brain (Bronwyn), and the criminal (Nate) are all luckier than the outcast (Simon). Everyone in the room is a suspect in Simon's death, and as the kids learn more about each other they start to trust each other less. One of them is a killer and it's up to everyone else to find them out. 

This book was an easy afternoon read. The suspenseful twists and turns make this book a crime to put down. This book reveals a lot about the secrets we all keep and how dark a person may be.

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