One of Us Is Lying

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus
Karen Mc Manus
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Feb 12, 2024

Summary: One of Us Is Lying is a gripping young adult mystery that unfolds in a high school setting. The story revolves around five students - Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, Cooper, and Simon - who find themselves in detention together. Simon, the creator of a notorious gossip app at school, was about to reveal devastating secrets about his fellow classmates, but suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances in the detention room. The remaining four students quickly become suspects in what turns into a murder investigation. Each has a motive and something to hide, but who is really responsible? 

Plot Progression: 

Somebody: The main characters are Bronwyn (a brainy student), Addy (the popular girl), Nate (a criminal bad boy), and Cooper (a star athlete). 

Wanted: They each want to clear their names in the investigation following Simon's death and find out the truth behind the whole situation. 

But: They are hindered by their secrets, which Simon was about to expose, and the mounting evidence against them. 

So: The characters navigate through a web of lies, alibis, and high school drama, trying to find the real murderer. 

Then: The truth about Simon's death is revealed, forever changing the lives of the four students and their perspectives on trust, friendship, and the masks people wear. 

Opinion: One of Us Is Lying is a compelling read that masterfully combines elements of mystery and drama with the complexities of high school life. McManus creates a suspenseful atmosphere that keeps you guessing until the end. The characters are well-developed, each with their own distinct voice and personality, making it easy to empathize with their struggles. The plot is well-crafted, with twists that are surprising yet believable. This book is especially recommended for fans of young adult fiction and mystery thrillers. It's a story that not only entertains but also delves into the themes of honesty, loyalty, and the consequences of our actions. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 - Better than most

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