One Realm Beyond

Donita K. Paul
Dec 17, 2014

Cantor is a realm walker. He can pass through the Portals to other planes.  His whole life has been building up to when he'll find his dragon and go on fabulous adventures. But, the authorities are corrupt and Cantor learns that not everything is quite as calm as it seems.

The book was pretty good. It certainly pulled me in. I found myself reading hours into the night because I just had to know more. The character development was beautiful. Truly the best I've seen for a while. And not only that, but the relationships between the characters matured wonderfully and overall I'm very impressed with the characters.

Dragons. They're why I picked this book up. After I got into it though, I stayed for the characters. And also, because I wanted to see Cantor and Bixby realize the depth of their v emotions for each other.

Recommended For: Anyone who read and loved Eragon would enjoy this. I'd recommend it for 13-18 year olds.

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