The One

The One Kiera Cass
Kiera Cass
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Feb 17, 2023

The One by Kiera Cass is the third book in the series. America never thought she would be so
close to winning the Selection. She uncovers a lot of secrets and as the rebel attacks get more
dangerous, America has to try her hardest to win.

I thought this book was really good. It got really good towards the end and I was so happy after
finishing it. This series was a rollercoaster of emotions but I really enjoyed reading this book.
Some parts of this book were really sad but that’s what made it enjoyable. The ending is my
favorite part of this book. It was so heartwarming and it made me really happy, specifically the
part when Maxon told America what he thought during the rebel attack when he thought he
wouldn’t survive. It was probably my favorite ending for a book! Another part I liked was where
America found out the secret about her father. If you read the first and second book of this
series, then this third book is a must-read. You should definitely consider reading this series if
you haven’t already. I would highly recommend this series. I give this book a 5/5.


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