Normal People

Normal People by Sally Rooney
Sally Rooney
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Feb 15, 2024

Normal People is a young adult novel written by New York Times award-winning author Sally Rooney. It explores two protagonist Connell and Marianne, and we are introduced into their world and how they collide. It’s a complex exploration of young love, social dynamic, and finding one’s identity. Rooney’s writing is raw and honest, ensuring the feeling of teenage innocence with every page you turn. The characters in this novel feel so incredibly real, flawed, yet relatable. Although some may argue that the plot is very slow-paced, the story makes up for in character development. Rooney also doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics as this novel explores the depths of mental health and abuse. Normal People is a thought provoking novel resonating with teens and the complexities of oneself and relationships.

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