A Night Twice As Long

A Night Twice As Long by Andrew Simonet
Andrew Simonet
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Sep 24, 2021

Join friends Alex and Anthony in a long journey that forces them to face their feelings. In a small town where basic necessities were taken away, lives Alex and her best friend Anthony. Alex, having her own regrets about family, decides to help Anthony find his mom. As they both walk ten miles to the next town over, they come across some unusual sights. This book is full of raw emotion and friendship, perfect for those who want a glimpse of reality.

This book is perfect for those who want a mix of fiction, and realness. I love how this book takes a deep dive into the thoughts and feelings of the main characters. The story was well written; it was a nice pace and allowed for easy reading. The only thing I didn’t seem to like in this story was how the characters don’t have much back story. We don’t really know how they are as a person, we just know their motives. The cover definitely creates an image that matches the book. I like how we are able to get an image of the main character facing the woods. If you love reading dystopian and science fiction novels, this book is surely a good fit for you!

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Marium K.

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