Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist the movie!

Michael Cera
Nov 5, 2008

Fan's of Nick and Nora won't know what hit them when they watch the movie adaptation of this famous bookby David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. Now, although this movie does not follow the book (practically at all) it is still an excellent movie! I was a big fan of the book before I saw it and although a little piece of me was sad about how much they changed I can also respect that the movie is totally awesome on it's own! Even if you haven't read the book go check this out!

The movie opens with Nick, our hero, in the depths of despair because of the loss of the love of his life, Tris. Nick also happens to be the ultra cool bassist for this awesome queercore band and his band-mates are trying to get him out of his funk for a night on the town. Nick finally agrees to the temptation of his favorite band Where's Fluffy. But at the club he runs into none other than his evil ex! Nora is fed up with Caroline! She done taking care of her drunk butt all the time. She goes to these seedy clubs for the music scene, which is admittedly awesome, but also to protect Caroline from herself. Nora's night wasn't that great, still wallowing in self pity after being dumped by her on-again-off-again boyfriend Tal, and Caroline isn't helping by drunkenly hanging onto the lead singer of some unknown (for a reason) band.

Nora's night goes from bad to worse when she spots Tris, her arch nemesis from school. Tris won't leave Nora, and her love life alone. In a fit of desperation to prove to Tris that someone wants her, Nora turns to the geeky guy next to her and asks him to be her boyfriend for 5 minutes. The rest is history! Like I said, for those of you who loved the book this is going to be different, but I ask you to be open to that difference. Everyone can find something they like in this movie...and the soundtrack is to die for!

Written by Kate M.

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