Navigating Early

Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool
Clare Vanderpool
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Dec 7, 2021

Navigating Early is a story about two boys who meet at a boarding school and decide to go on an adventure through the Appalachian Trail in hopes to heal from past issues. This book was a beautiful read. If you like hearing people engage in deep conversations about any subject under the moon, you will enjoy this. I know I did for sure. I love getting to know the characters’ stories, and this is what this book was full of.  The character development in this story was amazing, I enjoyed seeing the boys transform after being able to confide in and support each other throughout the book. While this book is generally marketed as an adventure tale, I would say it is more of a coming of age story. The novel deals with some pretty serious subjects as the boys are getting to know each other and learning to heal from their past situations. Nonetheless, the book is beautifully written and will captivate anyone who reads it. If you have read Moon Over Manifest, I would recommend this book, since it is by the same author and the writing style is very similar.

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Emily N.

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