National Geographic Angry Birds Furious Forces!

National Geographic Angry Birds Furious Forces by Rhett Allain
Rhett Allain
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Apr 30, 2022

The book describes some of the basic components of physics while connecting physics to Angry Birds and everyday items or actions. A lot of pictures and drawings are used in the book to help display physics principles better. For example, the book includes a picture of a balloon rubbing on a cat’s fur to explain the principle of static electricity. The book also provides a brief history of physics by mentioning famous scientists and their contributions towards different equations or discoveries. An angry bird is shown on almost every page, and many of the physics principles are explained in relation to physics in Angry Birds.

I was most impressed by the connections that the author was able to use between physics principles and Angry Birds or other things, and it was helpful to getting a better understanding of how physics worked. I wasn’t disappointed at any time while reading the book, but the explanations in the book were very brief and it would have been interesting to learn about the topics in greater detail. Overall the book inspired me to think more about physics in my everyday life as well as learn more about physics, and I would recommend this book to middle schoolers who are interested in science. I rate this book: 4/5.

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