Namesake by Adrienne Young
Adrienne Young
Jan 4, 2022

Fable has yet to reach her happily-ever-after as she has now been snatched into a world of smoke and mirrors after being abducted by Zola, her father’s rival. In Namesake, plans unfold, intentions are set, and love keeps getting in the way. Meanwhile, Fable is caught in the middle.

I enjoyed Namesake, as Adrienne Young continued to impress. Fable’s world continued to catch my attention as danger and politics intertwined. But, I will say that Namesake wasn’t as memorable as Fable. Many messes were made and relationships twisted plans, and I was less entranced. Like most series, the second book is a little messier and a little less dream-like as characters are established as humans, not paragons. Pushing the criticism aside, I still loved the book. The characters were fascinating, the adventures kept me guessing, and the romance made my heart warm. I highly recommend any reader to start with Fable and end with Namesake and establish them, like I have, as some of my favorite books.

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