Mystic City

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence
Theo Lawrence
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Nov 17, 2021

This book is about a girl who loses her memory and becomes engaged to her father's enemy. However, she does not remember loving him. Doctors tell Aria that she has lost her memory. Therefore, Aria goes looking for answers, and meets a boy named Hunter. Can she find the answers as to why she lost her memory?

I liked reading Mystic City because it contains good details. For example, Aria loses her memory. I like that she has to search for the answers, and she meets another boy, whom she believes is better for her. I like that the author gives a good description of the characters. It allows the readers to feel what each character is like. Also, I loved the climax. It was very twisted. I think the cover looks well. The cover is what grabbed my attention. It looks very magical.  I rate this book 5/5.

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