Morning Star

Morning Star by Pierce Brown
Pierce Brown
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Sep 30, 2022

Morning Star is a dystopian science fiction novel written by Pierce Brown which ends the trilogy.
Darrow remains captured and is tortured by his captors severely. In his lowest point he must
escape and stop the Jackal and the Soveriegn from controlling the Society. Darrow shall
regroup with his fallen friends, Sevro and Ragnar, while also cooperating with his old flame
Mustang to once and for all break the shackles that hold the Red from freedom. Darrow must
finish his mission in destroying the Society or die trying.

After one of the most brilliant Sci Fi novels in this generation Morning Star had a lot on its
shoulders to uphold. However, I’m pleased to say not only did Morning Star land on its feet but
made a impact through this book finale. Majority of plot line between Darrow, Mustang, Jackal,
and the Sovereign are tied up beautifully while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Character
like Sevro and Cassius are fleshed out even more to become true staple characters of the
series. With a brilliant climax this trilogy cements itself as one of the best Sci Fi trilogies of the
modern era. I loved this book nearly as much as Golden Son but they’re both as perfect as any
book can be. This book series has evolved from mild action and YA storytelling to visceral action
that is truly meant for older teens and adults especially. This book trilogy is something you don’t
want to miss.


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