A Monster Calls

Patrick Ness
Feb 24, 2015

When his mother began cancer treatments, Connor started experiencing nightmares: screaming, darkness, howling winds, slipping hands and a monster. But tonight is a little different because when Connor wakes from his nightmare, he hears something calling his name. It really is a monster, in the shape of a yew tree, slowly approaching his window. It wants something from him, something Connor is not ready to give.

A Monster Calls is illustrated in black and white images that beautifully complement the text. This book is extremely intense, I was completely engulfed by the story. How do you categorize a book like this? Realistic fiction is what I wanted to call it, but the monster truly is a character of his own. And if he is a separate character, then it should be fantasy, right? But wait, IS the monster a separate character? A very powerful book. Don't read it in snippets - allow yourself a block of time and allow yourself the privacy to deal with the emotions this book will dredge up in you.

Reviewed by Library Staff

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