Monster by Walter Dean Myers
Walter Dean Myers
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Aug 31, 2021

Monster held a standard of which I loved. This book explains how an African American is treated while being held on trial of being an accomplice in a murder. Steve Harmon is the main character and he goes through many incidents during his time in jail. My feelings about this book are unimaginable because it explains a topic that many people do not want to discuss.

I recommend this book/play because of its realistic script and events that happen to Steve and many other people who are only trial with him. Monster begins when a group of acquaintances make a plan to rob a store. The plan ends up failing and the store owner dies. Steve is an accomplice in the murder and is being tried for murder. He experiences differences in attitudes with prison guards and is looked at differently from his own lawyer.

This book is a good read for the events that are happening now as well because of the riots and actions that are happening with Black Lives Matter. I love this book because it is not like many other books where there is an unrealistic happy ending. I like how they make this a realistic ending but I do not like how it ends because of events that happen to Steve during the case which makes it unfair towards him. This book is easy to read and engaging.

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Aryan C.

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