Miles Morales Spider-Man

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Jason Reynolds
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Dec 9, 2020

Miles Morales Spider-Man by Jason Reynolds is a fiction novel with a boy named Miles who is Spider-Man. He mourns over the recent death of his uncle, but when he goes to school, he feels his spidey senses go off. He doesn’t know why, but something is off in his very normal school. He has a crush on a girl named Alicia, but he is always distracted or can’t talk to her because he is awkward. As he deals with his love quarrel, he needs to figure out why he is feeling so off in school and who blamed him for stealing out of a store he worked in.

I really enjoyed the book, but I feel like it could’ve carried more action throughout the book. Most of the action happened at the end, and it felt like the book dragged on and on in the beginning. I would recommend this book to teenagers because of the plot and just the characters and problems. I really liked the cover because it was realistic and can catch a reader’s eye. I think I would rate this book a 3.5 out of 5.

Written by
Afraah H.

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