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Message Not Found by Dante Medema
Dante Medema
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Jul 2, 2022

A chat bot, created to keep Vanessa's memory alive. The secrets Bailey finds in the depths of chatting. What really happened to Vanessa? Were there secrets kept, not shared between the two best friends? Vanessa had died that night, but what had caused her car to slide off the bridge? Message Not Found by Dante Medema shares the story of Bailey and Vanessa, two teenagers living in Alaska, that were inseparable best friends. That is, until one dies after swerving and sliding off a cliff driving home. The story, with many twists and turns pulls you in, making you want more after setting it down. An overall amazing book, that enticed me, making it hard to put down when I needed to sleep. Each turn brought forth new ideas on what could have happened to Vanessa until Bailey finds secrets she wishes she never found, breaking her even more.

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