The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
James Dashner
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Dec 19, 2022

If you are looking for a book with an amazing plot and a ton of action, then this is your book. This sci-fi
novel starts abruptly with your main character Thomas awakening in an elevator with more than a
dozen teenage boys looking down on him. He is pulled into a land enclosed by big walls like a sort of
secluded community, which the boys call “The Glade”. He finds out that the boys try to escape the Glade
every day, though they have never been successful in doing so. All the boys lost their memory, just like
Thomas, and only know their name. When things start to escalate in the Glade, Thomas realizes that his
help would be needed to help the boys escape the maze and figure out the answer to the mystery of
why they were imprisoned there. I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a really good read. I liked
how the author put in a lot of imagery, which really helped me picture everything that happened in the
book. I also really liked the friendship and family-like relationships between the boys in the Glade. This
was a super active book, and I highly recommend it!


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Isabel P.

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