Max & the Midknights: Battle of the Bodkins

Max & the Midknights: Battle of the Bodkins by Lincoln Pierce
Lincoln Pierce
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Jul 24, 2022

The story is set in the middle ages and focused on a girl named Max and her friends, the
Midknights. Max wants to become a knight and go on great adventures, so she is currently
attending knight school. However, her homeland, Byjovia, is soon under attack by creatures that
can take the form of any Byjovian! These creatures are known as the bodkins! In order to protect
Byjovia and defeat the bodkins, Max and the Midknights must travel to the creatures’ homeland,
save their friends who are trapped inside, and prevent the bodkins from coming into Byjovia.
Max and her friends succeed in stopping the bodkins by conjuring a potion to transform the
bodkins into their true forms and closing the gateway between their two worlds for good.
However, their adventure has only just begun when Max learns a shocking a secret.

I have always been a big fan Lincoln Pierce’s Big Nate books, so when I found out one of
my favorite authors had created a new book series, I just had to read it. I was completely blown
away from the first book because of its amazing characters, art, story, and humor! And when I
read the second book I was even more amazed! Everything about this book was just as great as
its predecessor! I loved the new characters and antagonists that were introduced in this story!
However, in my opinion I find the first book to be a little more better than the second because
found the story and conflict to be a little more interesting than this book. Still, I love this new
series that Lincoln Pierce has made, and I hope that he continues making even more books in the


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