Max & the Midknights

Max & the Midknights by Lincoln Pierce
Lincoln Pierce
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Jul 24, 2022

Max is a young troubadour traveling with Uncle Budrick across the land. However, Max
doesn’t want to be a troubadour, but instead a knight. Max is soon given the chance to become a
hero when both her and Uncle Budrick arrive in Byjovia. There they find out that King Gastley
has taken control of the kingdom, making Byjovia no longer the great land it once was. To make
matters worse, Max’s uncle is soon taken away by Gastley and sent to his palace! In order to save
the kingdom and her uncle, Max must form a group of adventurers known as the Midknights, and
go on an epic quest to stop King Gastley and make Byjovia great again.

I am a big fan of Lincoln Pierce’s Big Nate comic strips. I started reading them when I was
in elementary school and have never stopped! I always found both his books and comic strips so
funny that when I learned about Max & the Midknights, I just had to read his book. And boy, I’m
glad I did. This book is filled with a great story, characters, and humor! I would definitely
recommend both this book and the other books in this series to any reader who just wants to read
a graphic novel with both humor and adventure!


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