Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment

Max Einstein The Genius Experiment by James Patterson
James Patterson
Feb 20, 2021

Twelve-year-old orphan Max Einstein is a smart girl. She has a brain just as big and creative as the legend Einstein. She loves Einstein and has a passion for him. She is living above a horse’s stall, and learning at a college. One day she is taken to the CMI: Change Makers Institution, and is chosen to become a team leader to save the world. Max and her friends go to a place trying to solve the problems in cities around the world. But, the problem is that Dr. Zimm and his team, Corp, is trying to find Max Einstein, and take her away from the CMI. Do you think that Corp will find Max Einstein? Read Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment to find out.

I really enjoyed this book. It is really interesting and has a little comedy. This is a book you should read if you like science and making the world a better place. I really like how creative Max Einstein and her team is, and I also like that there are small twists and turns in this story. I would rate this book four stars, because of the action, humor, and emotion. I also like how at the end of the book, there are some experiments that you can try at home. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Written by
Sriha P.


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