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Mar 25, 2024

“Maybe everyone has to feel guilty. Everyone! Forever!” 

Critically acclaimed, and often featured on the banned books list, Maus tells the story of the author Art Spiegelman’s father, and his time in Auschwitz. Art made the very interesting choice to portray every culture as different animals, with Jews being mice and Nazis cats. Despite the hate he received when he published the book back in 1980, Spiegelman did an impeccable job keeping to his animal theme while also portraying a very serious and dark time in history respectively. His portrayal of generation trauma is still used in examples today. 

Often taught in holocaust units in schools, there is most definitely a treason that Maus is still used today. The imagery is creative and symbolic, while still being interesting. Despite being entirely in black and white, the story flows smoothly, even through the darkest parts. It is told in two different times. One time frame is Art himself speaking with his ailing father, and the other is his father, Vladek’s, actual time in Auschwitz. The time transitions are done seamlessly, and it is not confusing in the slightest. It also focuses on the time outside of the camps throughout WW2 and tells it from a very interesting perspective. 

A great read, 4 out of 5 stars

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