Manifest, Season 3

Manifest, season 3

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Nov 9, 2023

The missing plane that vanished in the end of Season 2 emerges from a volcanic fissure, seemingly to lead to their ultimate fate. However, their hopes are disrupted by Angelina, who believes she is an archangel sent by God to save only a select few. They are held captive as threats and need to find a way to save themselves and the world, will they be able to reboard and pass their final judgment? What will their life be after this? The answers unfold, and set everything right. This entire series and especially the last season was a twist of stories, relations, and motivation. The end was unpredictable and the result upset me so I would give it this rating. The show took many twists and turns with unpredictable circumstances and solutions. I kept thinking about the resolutions due to eventful impacts. I really enjoyed this summarizing season to answer questions! 

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