Cover photo of the book Majesty
Katharine McGee
Jan 29, 2021

Majesty is the second book of the American Royals series, where America is ruled by a monarchy, so warning: spoilers ahead. Now that her father is dead, Beatrice must learn how to rule her upset nation and manage her increasingly complicated love life. Meanwhile, Samantha and Nina need to get over their recent heartbreak, but for Daphne moving on is not an option. Like always, she’ll stop at nothing to get Jeff back. Majesty is full of drama, love, and emotion. 

Hope you didn’t grow too attached to the characters in the first book because McGee decides that nothing about them is worth bringing back except their names. For Jeff, even that isn’t the case. Poor guy gets about 5 pages worth of writing. But the rest, their personalities are scrapped and replaced with entirely different ones. The author wants to think that they are “growing up” or “maturing,” but really it's just her being inconsistent.  She can’t even stay consistent with the story. All the love interests? Forget them.

But, once I got over my initial shock, the story ended up being halfway decent, or at least, entertaining. I enjoyed reading from Daphne’s perspective. She remained the same, nasty person, which I found to be refreshing because the rest of the characters grew more ridiculous as the story progressed. Beatrice, formerly one of my favorite characters, really got on my nerves. Readers have to suffer watching her go from an independent woman, to a girl consumed entirely by the complexities of her love life.  I’d recommend this book to anyone that enjoys seeing an okay series go down the drain.

Written by
Brooke G.

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