Lucky Girl

Lucky Girl by Jamie Pacton
Jamie Pacton
Oct 6, 2021

When Jane Belleweather, a 17 year old, wins a 58 million dollar lottery ticket, she is stressed out. She is conflicted on what to do next and who to trust. She is left with only a few options with what to do with her ticket. Give her ticket to her hoarder mother, tell her journalist best friend, or trust her ex-boyfriend, who came back into her life after disappearing. Does Jane end up claiming her prize? What will happen next? Read more to find out!

I like how this story talks about serious concepts, such as mental health and grief. I also like how the story didn’t have any side plots, or get distracted from the main plot. The story stayed consistent. The emotion that Jane felt really showed how truly conflicted she was throughout the story. Jane was a realistic character; considering how she deals with the problems she is faced with.  I enjoyed the cover; I like how the lottery ticket is in her pocket. I also like how the truck behind has a bunch of stuff, signifying her mother’s hoarding addiction. This book is a good fit for you if you enjoy reading about mental health and realistic scenarios.

Written by
Marium K.

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