Jason Reynolds
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Jan 23, 2024

Lu is a track-related book written by Jason Reynolds. In the final book of a four-book series, Lu is the co-captain of the Defenders, his track team. Lu is a leader and shows that with his friends Ghost, Patina, and Sunny. His only weakness is that he can sometimes let his ego take over. But when he must do hurdles on and off the track, he wonders if he can handle it. Unexpected twists do happen, causing Lu to rethink some things, but in the biggest stage, the most unanticipated difficulty occurs. It’s up to Lu to make the choice that defines his development and his track team. In my opinion, I liked this book a lot. I gave it a 5-star rating because it was not only about how Lu has to be the best he can be on the track but also off the track. The book was very unpredictable in where it was going to go, and the development of Lu from the beginning to the end was something to see.

Written by
Sreyansh D.

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