Lovely War

Lovely War
Julie Berry
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Mar 31, 2023

Julie Berry’s “Lovely War” is a poignant, moving take on passion, young love, and the loss of innocence. The novel begins with a conversation between the Greek gods in an effort to answer why Love is always drawn to war, but quickly spirals into the tale of Hazel and James, two teenagers in a time of chaos. 
     Hazel is a quiet pianist, while James is a young soldier with dreams of being an architect, and the two of them quickly fall in love. This love is quickly ripped apart when James is shipped off to fight in World War 1. 
    A third plot line enters the frame with Aubrey Edwards, a musician fighting in the 15th New York infantry. Once in Europe, he soon meets Colette, a Belgian chanteuse with a tragic past. All of these stories blend together to create a beautifully tragic picture of the suffering and joy that comes with being human. I would give this book five out of five stars.

Written by
Alice Summers

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