Love in English

Love in English by Maria E. Andrew
Maria E. Andrew
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Jun 15, 2022

Love in English is written by Maria E. Andreu. It’s a young adult romance. The main character is Ana, a girl from Argentina in South America who loves writing poetry. Her family moved to the United States and Ana and her mother are struggling to adapt to the new place. Back home, she had plenty of true, laugh-until-you-cry friends but in her new school, finding friends is going to be a special kind of struggle. On top of that, Ana speaks Spanish and learning second languages doesn’t come easily. All she wants is to move back to Argentina, but that’s not going to happen. All she can do is make the best of it, and try to adjust to her new life quickly. At school, she doesn’t understand what her teachers are telling her or what other students are saying. She meets a boy named Harrison who looks like he belongs in a Netflix series. They become friends, and she tutors him in math. But there’s another boy, Neo. He’s in her ESL class, and they sometimes watch movies together from their class assignments. Neo’s from Cyprus and speaks Greek, so he understands what Ana’s going through better than anyone. Ana becomes very close with both of them and her situation quickly turns into a love triangle that she can’t possibly navigate, or can she? She makes friends along the way, and suddenly the move doesn’t seem so bad.

Personally, I liked reading this book because it made me laugh. But the second-hand embarrassment was intense, which I guess you can expect from plenty of romance novels. I definitely wasn’t disappointed when she chose who she wanted to be with, but I wasn’t satisfied with them writing letters to each other, it just wasn’t the ending I was hoping for. The actual ending was pretty good, though. Overall, the book was good but it was a bit too predictable for my taste. I would rate this book a 3 out of 5. I would recommend reading this book if you like cheesy romance.

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Kritika S.

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