Love and Other Words

Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren
Christina Lauren
Jan 25, 2022

This story follows the past and present of main characters, Macy Sorenson and Elliott Petropoulos. For years the two spend weekends and summer vacations spending time together and growing closer as they navigate high school together but separately. One night changes everything and they become strangers for 11 years until they run into each other again.

I think the most compelling aspect of this book is the fact that it's set in the present and past. I love books like this because you get a sense of what has happened and what is now happening and how they connect. My heart truly belongs to these characters and the way they’ve portrayed them perfectly. This book definitely made me tear up and shed a few tears but I like to think that’s what makes it special. This is a book for the hopeless romantics, those who believe in the right person at the wrong time, and believe in fate. I couldn’t recommend this book enough to people, it’s a good feel good easy read book.

Written by
Alyssa F.

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