The Lost Tribes

C. Taylor-Butler
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Apr 13, 2015

Combining world travel, video games, puzzles, archaeology, advanced technology, mysterious parents, growing danger, and a group of ambitious teenagers, this is quite the adventure.

Ben's drill sergeant, never impressed Uncle Henry scoffs at his ambitions of becoming a basketball star, saying if Ben really wants to do something worthwhile with his time he should solve the video game Henry gives him. If Ben can do so in a week, Henry says, he'll get to join his uncle and parents on one of their expeditions as reward. Ben's parents are irate--about both the game and the promise--but Henry says it's time Ben learned something about the family business.

The game is called The Lost Tribes of Xenobia, and very quickly Ben, his little sister, and their three teenaged neighbors are all working on figuring it out. It takes them to remote, ancient sites around the world in search of lost treasures. At first it takes them on the screen, then they discover that the game can project incredibly realistic, immersive holographic images that leave them feeling that they have actually traveled. Then they begin to suspect that it might be doing more than projecting imaginary images, right about the time that all of their parents start acting alarmingly strange. Then everything changes, and nothing will ever be a game again.

While a fully satisfying story, this is just the beginning of the adventures for Ben, his friends, and his family. All were interesting, engaging, believable characters, and I'm excited to see what comes next for them as the series develops.

Reviewed by Chris K.
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