Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies by William Golding
William Golding
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May 31, 2022

Lord of the Flies is a psychological novel by William Golding and stars a group of British boys who crash-landed on an uninhabited island. These boys, ranging from ages 7 to 12, are just normal children who start to panic when they realize that they are the only survivors, and no adults are there to protect them. However, everyone soon realizes their newfound independence and are excited to use it. As the book goes on, the children try to govern themselves and fail spectacularly, and they slowly drift away from sanity. Ralph, one of the main protagonists, acts as the leader of the boys and is a fairly likeable character. Piggy, the other main protagonist, is an intelligent boy who is never taken seriously due to his corpulent appearance. As the two boys start to create the foundations of a civilization with the group, a character named Jack starts to get power-hungry and decides to create his own civilization. Jack, our antagonist, is a very greedy and cruel boy who is susceptible to the savage desires of a human. As the two civilizations fight, each boy starts to get consumed by the darkness within. This book is an allegory that represents the balance between the ethical, morally driven sociable side of humanity and the ravening, savage barbarianism inside all of us. This book is not for everyone; this book should be read as an intense expedition that explores the main aspects of humanity. As such, the book is also a bit difficult to read, and is not meant to be read casually. However, the book is beautifully written and teaches valuable lessons on ethics and mob mentality.

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