Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies
William Golding
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Jun 1, 2023

This classic novel is one that I have read before, but am reading it again! As you may know, a plane with many British boys on it gets shots down and crashes on a lone island in the ocean. The plane drifts away into the sea, leaving the boys stranded on an island. This book is about their experiences on that island and how those boys managed themselves without any adult supervision.

I feel like this book really exposes the dark side of humanity and the savagery hidden under civilized people. All the boys that were stranded on this island had proper, civilized backgrounds but the way they acted and the things that they did near the end of the novel? Pretty far from civilized. I think another thing this book really shows is the fight between communism and democracy, which is something you can definitely see clearly between the different groups of boys created on that island.

I feel like there is a lot you could take from this complex book and that it was a pretty good read overall. It’s a bit short, but it contains a lot of vivid details which make the story pretty interesting. Overall, I do recommend this to people who like classic novels, fiction, and a book that makes you think “What have I just read” after reading it.

Written by
Basil Park

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