The Loop

Shandy Lawson
Mar 6, 2017

Over the course of two days, Ben and Maggie have met and fallen in love, only to die together countless times. They struggle again and again to resist the pull of their fate and time itself. Every time they come closer to breaking out of the time loop, everything becomes more deeply ingrained and more inescapable. They think up a desperate plan to break free and survive, but what if their only shot at not dying is to live apart?

The Loop was fast-paced, quick and short read, but it was so good. Highly original and had me wondering how they'd make it out in the end. It had me flipping pages from start to finish and I just couldn't get enough of it.

The concept for this book is so unique– I haven't read much of time travel within the YA world. The idea of these two teens falling in love and then killed... only to be stuck on repeat. Absolutely brilliant. I was surprised at how much could be packed into 200 pages. Lawson's writing is great and will bewitch you with this tale of love, fate, and their ultimate doom.

I recommend it to time travel junkies, sci-fi lovers and those into destiny and going against it.

Written by
Olivia from Leawood Pioneer Library YAAC

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