Looking for Alaska

John Green
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Sep 6, 2022

This is a realistic fiction book by John Green. Looking For Alaska is about a group of teenagers,

Miles, Chip, Lara, Takumi, and Alaska who go to a boarding school called Culver Creek. All of

them hate a group of people at their high school - “the weekday warriors.” Miles, Chip, Lara,

Takumi, and Alaska hate the weekday warriors because they are obnoxious and entitled and

think they are better than everybody because they are rich. The weekday warriors and the

others are constantly pranking each other because of this tension. Alaska struggles with

depression and substance abuse, but nobody ever recognizes the signs. One day a tragedy


Overall I really enjoyed this book except for the ending. Throughout the book the author

emphasizes how not knowing everything about the past is okay and does not change the past.

Then he goes on and tells you everything about the past that you didn't need to know. Aside

from that, the book is interesting, charming, and slightly mysterious.

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