The Lonely Dead

The Lonely Dead by April Henry
April Henry
Mar 14, 2019

This book is about a girl named Adele who can see the dead. She's diagnosed as a schizophrenic and given pills to stop her "hallucinations", but one day, she misses a dose, realizes how alive she felt, and started flushing her pills. However, she sees the ghost of a former best friend who was murdered, and winds up being the prime suspect.

The most compelling part of the book for me was the shocking accuracy and logic in it. I could tell the author knew what they were talking about when they brought up terms such as Occam's Razor, how detectives were able to legally lie to suspects to get evidence, and how some schools would suspend victims under a zero-tolerance policy. The only aspect that I would change if I had to would to elaborate on the ending, as it seemed a bit short leaving a few loose ends, such as what Luke actually gets at trial and all the testimony and drama that might happen at the school. 

I think the cover reflected the book very well, using a gloomy and dark image to reflect the events that happened in the book. Everything from the image to the excellent font choice made the book stand out to me when I first selected it. 

Written by
Nathan N. from Blue Valley YAAC

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