Lion by Saroo Brierley
Saroo Brierley
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Jul 11, 2022

Saroo was just a 5 year old little boy when his life was turned upside down. Saroo was running around a train station in India with his older brother Guddu when he got on a train and ended up thousands of miles from home. Frightened and panicked, Saroo ended up in a juvenile detention center. While there, the woman in charge found a home for Saroo in Australia. Saroo starts this journey in Australia and grows up there. Twenty-five years later Saroo seeks out to find where he grew up before he got lost. Saroo will do anything to learn of his life before everything changed on that one dreadful night.

This book was inspiring. Although it was slow at times and hard to read, I really enjoyed the story of Saroo’s life. I felt that if some details of this book were discarded, the story could have been more enjoyable to read. I feel that some parts of the book dragged on for too long. Overall, Lion was a pretty good book that I found slow in some parts.

Written by
Anna S.

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