Lies My Girlfriend Told Me

Julie Ann Peters
Aug 7, 2015

When Alix's girlfriend, Swanee dies, she feels like nothing can get any worse. Until one afternoon, she stumbles upon Swanee's phone, and discovers text messages from a strange number. Alix decides to take initiative and meet with her. It turns out, Swanee was living a secret life with another girl named Liana. Both of them will come together to find peace in her death, and also love.

At first I was excited because I would be reading an LGBTQA novel where the main character didn't have to worry about her sexuality or think of it as a disease or problem. It was about a simple romance. However, the main character, Alix, completely downplayed every aspect of herself so much that I did not like reading from her point of view. She was entirely negative about everything except for when she was in love. Swanee, though the focus point of the summary, was hardly mentioned in the book except for when Alix or Liana were mad at her. I was extremely disappointed in Swanee's character development and her family was represented in such a way that I was curious as to how Swanee would have turned out. The romance itself was cute, but character development was sorely lacking.

Anyone who is interested in finding more LGBTQA fiction would enjoy this book. However, anyone who is interested in GOOD LGBTQA fiction will be sorely disappointed.

Written by
Sophie from Shawnee Library YAAC

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