LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Season Four

LEGO Ninjago Season Four

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Oct 21, 2021

The fourth season of LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu was mind-blowing. I loved watching every minute of it because it had a lot of action, adventure throughout a secret island, mystery about Zane, and suspense. This season began with the ninja going their separate ways after the death of Zane. Lloyd brings them together and they receive an invitation to the Tournament of Elements where they are promised that Zane is alive. Once the ninja go on the island, we learn interesting past information about Garmadon’s sensei. I had an amazing time watching season 4 because it was marvelous, and the storyline was amazing with little internal conflicts among each of the ninja. I would highly recommend this season to fans of animation because this is an amazing time killer and this is one of my favorite seasons in Ninjago.

Written by
Aryan C.

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