Legendborn by Tracy Deonn
Tracy Deonn
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Jun 8, 2022

Rating: 5

My rating for this book is a 5. This is THE best book I've ever read. Every aspect of this book is so well thought out. It is really long compared to other books but it did not fail to keep me focused.


This is about a girl named Bree whose mom died in a car accident. She then goes to a college in North Carolina where she discovers a society named the "Legendborn". These are people who use their powers to kill demons. Bree is then suspicious and she thinks that this society might have something to do with the death of her mother.


My recommendation for this book is anyone who wants to read books about mystical powers, suspense, mystery, and a little bit of action here and there.. I would recommend the interest level of this book to about 12-18 year olds. I would recommend the reading level of this book to about 12-18 year olds. Overall, I would only recommend this book to practically everyone I know.

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Aadit G.

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