The Last True Poets of the Sea

The Last True Poets of the Sea by Julia Drake
Julia Drake
Jul 24, 2019

I think that the cover is beautiful. I like that the illustrations of the plants and things in the background give the cover the feel of the ocean since the book is called Last True Poets of the Sea. The most compelling aspect of this book was that the main character was hunting for a lost shipwreck that one of her ancestors survived. I thought that the plot of the story was really interesting. The only thing I was disappointed with in this book is that it seemed to take a while to get the story going, the beginning was a little slow. Nothing really happened during the first half but the second half it picked up and was better. Since the author took so long to introduce the story in the beginning, the ending felt a bit rushed.

Written by
Hadley K. from Blue Valley YA Lit Council

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