The Last Star

Yancey, Richard
Aug 20, 2016

The Last Star is the final book of The Fifth Wave trilogy and picks up six weeks after the events of The Infinite Sea. After the Others, an alien race, sent four waves of death they killed seven billion people. The final wave of brainwashed humans will kill off the remaining survivors including Cassie, Sam, Ben, Megan, and Ringer. This installment is darker and more desperate than the preceding two books and unfolds from multiple perspectives which add dimension and depth to this portion of the story. Strong characters and a fast-paced plot drive this story making it impossible to put down. Yancey is coy with unveiling the real intent behind the Other's 10,000 year old plan to exterminate humans and cleanse the planet. The circularity of the characters and how events will play out is teased again and again but the reader is never quite sure what is going to happen. This whole series has been a clock winding down to the end and readers will enjoy the daring conclusion. 

Reviewed by Library Staff

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