Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda movie
Oct 21, 2021

Kung Fu Panda is one of my childhood favorite movies because it is funny, it has action, and it has the best comedy in DreamWorks animations. The story begins with Po, a panda, who works with his father at a noodle shop. He stumbles into a Kung Fu assembly and is chosen by Master Oogway to be the next Kung Fu Master. Po is told that a leopard named Tai Lung is coming to the town and that he was the only one to stop him. I had the best time possible watching Kung Fu Panda because this movie has action, adventure through Po’s soul, and a lot of comedy. I recommend this movie to every fan of animation because this movie is good if you want to laugh, relax, or be entertained.

Written by
Aryan C.

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