Know My Name

Know My Name by Chanel Miller
Chanel Miller
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Aug 18, 2023

Know My Name is an amazing memoir, perfect for those who enjoy true stories. It discusses the Stanford sexual assault case and is not an easy book to read, but Chanel Miller’s powerful words define her as a survivor rather than a victim. Miller describes her experience after the assault to her readers, writing about confronting the truth, her loved ones, and her new reality. Readers are also introduced to the case that was filed and gain knowledge about the legal aspect of the situation. As someone who didn’t know a lot about the Stanford case, I really enjoyed reading this book as there’s a perfect mix of facts and feelings. I was glad that I didn’t feel overwhelmed by legal jargon and that I could instead learn about Miller’s feelings as her life entirely changes. In my opinion the beginning of the book is the most powerful, since readers are able to learn about every detail of the tragedy from Miller’s eyes. Overall, Know My Name is an amazing book if one enjoys reading influential memoirs.

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