Killer Instrinct

Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Feb 17, 2023

Cassie is on the case again, but this time the case is hitting close to home. The case
Lia, Sloane, Dean, Micheal, and Cassie are trying to solve is a copycat murder of
Dean’s father. Dean’s Father was a notorious murderer and is in jail, but someone is
willing to take the risk of doing the same thing over again. Dean is going through a
ton with taking on this case, and he won’t stop until he gets justice for the families
held under the copycat hand of his father. The naturals won’t stop until Dean can
know that everything will be okay.

I really liked this book. The series got really interesting with this book, because it really
emphasized the relation between the naturals’ parents and the members of the
naturals' past. I thought another interesting part was when we saw how Dean and
Cassie’s relationship changes throughout the book. This book made me excited to
read the next one in the series, All In. I would recommend this book to anyone who
was a fan of The Naturals.


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Anna S.

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