To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird book cover
Harper Lee
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Mar 18, 2024

To Kill a Mockingbird is a historical fiction book by Harper Lee. The book takes place in Maycomb, Alabama, during the Great Depression. The book is from the perspective of Scout as she and her older brother Jem learn about racism and prejudice through their father's defense of a black man accused of rape. They witness the injustice of the legal system and the racism of their community. 

I read this book at school. It is not a book that I typically would have chosen on my own, however, I really enjoyed it. Scout is very young, and she and Jem both look at the world with a lot of innocence. Their innocence can teach us a lot about the injustices during this time because of how upset they get when they see something that they feel is wrong. I also really liked that there are not very many characters, so that allows us to get to know the characters very well. The book takes place over a series of years, so we get to watch the kids grow up and adapt to the injustices they face.

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Victoria O.

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