To Kill a Kingdom

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo
Alexandra Christo
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Aug 17, 2022

If you like mermaid stories, then this book is definitely for you. Though mermaids may sound childish to
some, this book is far from that. It is an amazing book with the perfect mix of romance, action/violence,
fantasy, and sea creatures. In the world described in the novel, sirens live in the ocean and are feared by
humans since the sirens kill humans by drowning them and then ripping out their hearts. You meet
Princess Lira of the sirens who is considered as royalty since she is the daughter of the Sea Queen. She is
also known as the “Prince’s Bane” since her collection of hearts (one for every year she has lived) was
the hearts of 17 princes who she killed. But, after she makes several mistakes that anger the Sea Queen,
she is forced to become a human. The Sea Queen changes her into a human and tells her that in order
to change back into a siren she would have to give the heart of Prince Elian to the Sea Queen or remain
a human forever more. This is such a gripping, thrilling book that has many twists and turns in its plot. I
loved the unique characters and how their individual personalities really shaped the story. This was such
an interesting book that I strongly recommend and will be reading again soon.

Written by
Isabel Park

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